How to make sex more interesting and fun

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And we did our readers a little favor to get the ball rolling by compiling some creative sex tips to spice things up! And some people never find the G-spot super erotic also totally normal. Plus, your skin will be all glowy when you get to brunch on time for once. Just pause the Netflix, go at it, and resume. Morning sex is basically like a mini-morning workout, without any of the having to get up early and shower and get to the gym that usually comes along with it. Prepare fluffy white robes and towels and candlelit rooms. Communicate that foreplay is key for your enjoyment and make the foreplay mutual.

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With an open mind and a bit of communication about what it is that we want to do differently, we can all undoubtedly spice things up.

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5 Ways to Have More Pleasurable Sex

Just brainstorming and discussing what you have always wanted to do and never brought up is sexy. Make a coupon book: A relationship changes with time, and a deeper, spiritual connection develops that can strengthen a bond and support a healthy sex life. To help combat this, you can help maintain your sexual energy by staying in touch with yourself through masturbation. Use and eat them before and just when clothes are beginning to come off to maximize and heighten the fun. Nothing will make you want to get it on more than feeling your skin pressed together. July 27, at 8:

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how to make sex more interesting and fun
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how to make sex more interesting and fun
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