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No problem, I can teach you," he started the engine and pulled off the curb. Becoming a Balloon 5. Kanda's soft grunting turned into a full blown moan. Foundry an art gallery adult oriented art. Moving back over Allen, Kanda let his weight pin the smaller exorcist to the bed. The samurai smirked and sat up to rid himself of the coat that still clung to his body and shook his trousers the rest of the way off.

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Unexpectedly, Allen jumped up and landed on Kanda.

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Allen smiled and removed his fingers. He could hear Kanda's heartbeat. His passage tightened around Allen and he gripped the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white. Kanda, who had slowly begun to remember his past life, refused to die and killed Alma as he wanted to live long enough to meet the woman he dream about, not realizing it was Alma. He also killed the rest of the 'sleeping' Second Exorcists, not wanting them to be born into the world that waited for them. He took a seat beside Kanda and leaned into his personal space.

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