How do you feel after sex

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The excitement builds to such a fever pitch that clear thinking at that point might be impossible. Next Post By Allan. Here's how to get started. There is nothing new about post coital blues. How does it feel after having sex?

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While post coital blues affects both men and women, many more men are affected.

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Why Does Sex Feel Good?

As physical pleasure increases during the orgasm phase of sex, so does psychological pleasure — and more psychological pleasure increases physical pleasure. In addition, little or no research has been done on this problem, thus far. This has complicated and strained male female relationships. No matter how you slice it, position changes can get awkward. What does it feel like after death? Order in ribs and chicken wings, watch Game of Thrones—whatever you might have done had you not had sex. Next year 10th standard I made a lot of plans to propose her and start talking to her……after a week I knocked her door and asked her whether she had a spare pencil,she went inside her room to get one, and she gave it to me and then I started talking to her about our old day my and suddenly we beacame close friends again later a month I proposed her and she accepted it….

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how do you feel after sex
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how do you feel after sex
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