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Some women have longer vaginal vaults or shorter fingers. That nagging negative voice that never shuts up. I am not sold on them because I find it impossible to have sex with a cup inserted. As with anything else involving your body, please exercise caution. Share it with your friends! They use the makeup sponge trick.

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Additionally, a woman contacted me to inform me that she tried this trick and ended up with the sponge wedged so deeply she had to go to the ER to get it removed.

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The Makeup Sponge Trick

Other Articles You Might Enjoy: Some women use a drop of lube, but I would rather not have lube sitting inside me for hours. Now pull up your panties. Leave a comment below. If it is really really stuck, have a friend a good friend help you remove it. So in an attempt to be more discreet you use tampons instead.

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  1. I find it disturbing at best and of course that's me. If it works for others that's cool but calling people morons bc they don't know who a 300 lb camwhore is retarded imo. Also there is a reason the BBW catagory was dropped again at the AVN's. To the porn industry it is mostly unmarketable and to the average porn veiwer it's just not enjoyable to watch.