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The New York Times. Henry invited me out for a ride, and I accepted his invitation. Matchmaking begins in earnest as Cromwell schemes to secure the Reformation by marrying Henry to a Protestant wife — but the king's marital reputation precedes him; the condition of Henry's wounded leg turns life-threatening. Thomas More uses his new powers as Chancellor and starts actively persecuting prominent Lutherans - including burning six of them at the stake, to the anger of Thomas Cromwell. But progress is slow and conditions are appalling for his soldiers. He sees the ghosts of his past wives with his children:

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She looks like she's dead.

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I cried so much: For his overreaching ambition, Bishop Gardiner is expelled from court, leaving the Lutheran factions —- led by Prince Edward's uncle, Edward Seymour —- suddenly dominant, prompting Wriothesley to switch his allegiance to Seymour. I can kind of relate to what she's feeling within that relationship- At one point, he is solace and comfort, and love and protection- and then, he condemns her. While Henry too has been rejuvenated by the siege of Boulognegiven a taste once more of the vigor and vitality of his youth, he may have pushed his already weakened body too far. He also makes promises of pardons and redress of grievances to the leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace, while making plans to bring them to heel for their insurrection, then using a further uprising as an excuse to have Charles Brandon put the leaders to death. Henry confuses the Bishop with the reply that even if this were true — and he probably knows that it is — he would spare her life. I tentatively lowered myself onto his cock, and let out a hiss as he thrust roughly into me, my nails digging into his chest.

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