Ashvariya rai nipple and hips

I went into the room for a minute and brought an ice pack from the fridge and a small length rope that was lying in the almirah. Aishwarya Rai had a tanned and tight body. When I was done pulling on the rope her arms were straight above her with her hands handcuffed together. Tonight, Aishwarya was in top form. I focused on the job at hand and warmed some Raspberry scented lotion between my Hands. I would had been surprised in that case if it wont had happen. She was standing right in front of me in her black colored bra and blue jeans.

Her cunt juice flowed out of her cunt and wetted her inner thighs.

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Her butt hole was smooth and lightly tanned. Reluctantly, I crawled out of bed and stood up. The shirt didn't leave much to the imagination. Aishwarya Rai screamed loudly as the three big cocks moved in and out of all her holes faster and faster. Johara was busy sucking her boobs and her whole body burned in lust. The sudden laughter that came up her face tilted her hand a little and she split some coffee on her dress.

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