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Jaden looked down, smiling at the fact that two girls were sucking him off at once, and they were Alexis's best friends none the less. Jaden reached forward and grabbed her rack, fondling them roughly. He was 7 inches long and and quite thick. Asuka kneaded the other breast with her hand, squeezing the nipple with her fingers. He feel down, tired as fuck from the fuck session. When he pulled out, a steady trickle of cum followed suit. Asuka got up, walked over and sat down on his lap, his dick pushing right into her virgin asshole.

Of course, has that worked before?

Sonic's Ultimate Harem

This lasted on for seven minutes, Sonic is in the closing brink to his limit and soon he is about to climax and burst. Thanks for reading, and if you read, leave a review, comment, whatev, Later, much love. He grabbed the other breast and fondled it gently, switching between breasts. Asuka went lower, to Rei's chest. She leaned down and stuck his dick in between her tits and pumped him quickly. She didn't hesitate to stick her tounge in as far as it could go. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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