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Because of higher rates of poverty, lower-quality early education, greater labor market discrimination, and residence in more-disadvantaged neighborhoods, black women tend to have less education, lower employment rates, and fewer opportunities for economic attainment than white women Avery and Rendall ; Conley ; Isaacs ; Oliver and Shapiro ; Orr ; Proctor and Dalaker Similarly, we consider not only whether any contraception is used but also the method, method switches, method discontinuation, and so on. Second, because data were collected weekly, we are able to examine changes in sexual and contraceptive behaviors over partners, across relationship length, and by contraceptive method and consistency. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Women who were enrolled in postsecondary education had fewer periods of discontinuation than those who were not enrolled. Chlamydia infection and subfertility. Promises I can keep.

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Family planning, race consciousness and the fear of race genocide.

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Black-White Differences in Sex and Contraceptive Use Among Young Women

Table 5 presents the results from Poisson regression models of instability in contraceptive use and method Hypothesis 4. These specimens were analyzed for the presence of C. J Public Health Policy. Respondents were asked at wave 3 to provide a urine specimen for STI testing. These are the types of relationships that Edin and Kefalas highlighted as being at risk of pregnancy as contraception ceases with increased seriousness. Understanding race differences in method use requires a more comprehensive portrait of which women within the black community are choosing to use the Pill and which women are not. Finally, further exploration of relationship characteristics may provide insights into early and unintended pregnancy rates.

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