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However, a lot of the crazy stories about Marilyn Monroe are true - and there are some Marilyn stories that you've never even heard before that are definitely true. Marilyn's mother Gladys was diagnosed with schizophreniawhile Gladys's brother Marion had paranoid schizophrenia. In another twist, Porter posits it could also have been one of the Kennedys that hired the Mob boss to get rid of Monroe. Usually, when you hear rumors about a famous person, it's wise not to believe all of them. Marilyn's marriages to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller are quite well-known. As many theories have proffered before, the FBI file infers the alleged plot was carried out to silence Monroe, who had threatened to reveal her affairs with the Kennedy brothers.

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Porter believes five Mafia hit men were responsible for her murder on the order of Giancana, using a washcloth drenched in chloroform, then stripping Monroe and giving her a barbiturate enema.

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4 conspiracy theories about the death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's Beauty Secrets. Previous Next Show Grid. More on the Guide. John Alexander Baker, author of Marilyn Monroe: What was really going on behind the Kerri-Anne and Yumi stoush. Previous Next Hide Grid. However, Grace was moving to Virginia, and since Norma Jean had no place to stay, she would have been sent to a foster home.

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