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Humored by it, of course, by my apprehension of being spanked otk in a high back armless chair in the center of the room. He raised his hand once more and brought it down on one cheek, then another as she pushed up to meet his hand. Tables now turned, she rose, enjoying the sensation as his cock slowly slipped out of her bottom, despite his best efforts to raise his hips and stay inside her. My bottom still hurt from the last two spankings, given only hours apart. Then, just before the door shut, a line that would burn itself into her imagination:. Once I see her bottom turn a nice red I can tell she's been taught her lesson. It took three bouts of extended spanking and her getting on her knees to pay him homage before he came.

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Who was this man and what did he want with her?

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Louisa got up, a little unsteadily. So a friend and I went to a store where there was a vast selection of Catholic school uniforms to choose from. I was to find later that that was the least thing I should worry about. Maybe this was a secret that was better kept hidden away in her own private collection. Smoking cigarettes in her dorm.

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