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Routledge and Kegan Paul; Our findings suggest that both groups demonstrate that they are cognizant of and willing to make decisions regarding their sexual lives. Although some respondents did not currently feel peer pressure to have sex, at least one respondent noted how peers could influence her conviction to wait. Sexual initiation, parent practices, and acculturation in Hispanic seventh graders. East Harlem was severely affected by the crack epidemic of the late s and early s. New immigrants with little money often had limited access to commercial venues for meeting potential partners or to private living quarters for sexual interactions.

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With the exception of one female respondent, all respondents reported being able to control their sexual initiation.

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Beyond ‘MSM’: Sexual Desire Among Bisexually-Active Latino Men in New York City

Family Influences Six adolescents, three males and three females, reported that parents advised them to wait, warning of the consequences of teenage pregnancy and parenthood. Three Dominican participants were later eliminated because they failed to meet the inclusion criterion of being an immigrant from one of the three designated countries: What counts as being Latino? Men in this group often socialize with women. Interactives Sep 14, Yet, our findings suggest several areas for increased discussion and reflection, including how romantic relationships may move Latino adolescents toward sexual debuts, including the role of sexual curiosity and desire. In other cases, the social context is interpreted in a broader sense to refer to the social and structural environment in which individuals live.

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