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I want someone who just buys me houses and stuff. He gets his nasty little strut upon the stage, and then he gets the hook. Another features Alley being mistaken for a pregnant mother. Fat — our preoccupation with losing it, its meaning for our identity, its effect on our desirability, work prospects and social status — has become a trademark American obsession. Other articles can be found here. At the age of 19 Kirstie, who grew up in Wichita, Kansas, married a man with the same name as her dad, Bob Alley.

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It is a discrepancy Alley tweaks in one episode, complaining, "Turn on the TV and most of the dads are fat and their wives are 20 years younger and skinny and cute as hell.

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'I always thought I was too fat to have sex'

Alley and Moore are two sides of the confessional coin, although only one of the women has been greeted with universal praise. Australia "going nuts" over Irish plan to "muscle in" on their E3 visas. In one episode, Alley and her two assistants decide to visit a soul-food restaurant in the belief that black men prefer plus-size women. Neighbours from hell Britain's worst neighbour who clobbered young mum with a stair bannister is jailed for the fourth time. Can you really fly to Ireland from the US for this cheap? McDonald's Huge brawl at McDonald's ends bizarrely with man's trousers around his ankles.

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