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Not one to be outdone by Amy on this night, Sally had chosen to dress for the event she had planned as well, her royal dress hugging her chest and hips as she walked in, the crown on her head glittering as the light moved across its gold surface, all in all, she looked very much like the princess she had demanded Amy call her in private. Experimentally, I gripped her hips and guided her to roll over onto her belly. She was in heat, and the resulting mix of dirty talk, her pheromones and her perfume was making it very hard for me to concentrate. They were wide with anticipation. I shortened my thrusts so I wouldn't knot her, instead letting the ball of flesh at the base of my member bump her folds, making her quiver with pleasure. And yet, the princess herself was now completely topless, straddling me and smiling seductively, and the fact that I had to do nothing to get there made it incredibly arousing. Her pussy were sore and aching from her deflowering and the repeated invasions from Sally's strap on, the squirrel really managing to keep on shoving herself into her young slave's willing body as she laughed and played with it, the dull throbbing in Amy's butt cheeks telling her off the playful spankings she had gotten doing the second fucking before she had been rolled over onto her back and made to lick her own juices off the strap-on along with some of her virgin blood.

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She grinned, showing her dazzling, pearly-white teeth.

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No, it was what she was wearing, or the lack thereof. When Sally got out of the kitchen she found Amy and Samy on the couch. She screamed with pleasure and pain as I tied with her again, so loud I was sure everyone in knothole had heard it. Even as she focused on fucking Amy, Sally didn't fail to notice as those stocking covered pink legs rose up and wrapped around her back, the legs sliding across her back as Amy used them to get a better leverage as Sally kept on pounding into her pink slut, her smile growing wider as she picked up on the increased breathing from Amy and saw the way her slaves hands were tightening their hold on the satin sheet as she slammed harder into Amy in an effort to see her orgasm again. You see… he's never around when I need him the most.

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