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New pic, every day next week that I comment to test it out…. Unfortunately, Dude A would have none of it. All of sudden, guy tells girl, "If you were light-skinned, we'd be married by now. When I blow it out and the wind hits, you better believe men,especially Black men, their necks and heads move. It is what it is. As for my thoughts. Most light skinned dudes date anybody and more than likely they date dark skinned girls.

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Red she's a ho-fessional.

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They are out there. I think that Light-Skin girls stick out because they have a tendency glow in the dark. Shout to J You are carrying the cross for all fairer skin blacks right now. This is and that baffles me. Black dudes were jah disrespectful to him too until he cuffed me kinda tight like, "Nah son.

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